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Food Truck Mash Up 2

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Sat Jul 14, 2012 @ 2:00 pm11:50 pm

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Jul 14 Food Truck Mash Up 2

It’s a sequel to last January’s hugely successful event with

  • KoKyu BBQ
  • Pie Pushers Pizza
  • Chirba Chirba Dumplings
  • Farmhands Sausage Wagon
  • Parlour Ice Cream

This time we’ll build on the same great concept of each truck “mashing up” ingredients with the others. But to open it up for more people to enjoy, we’re going to have Two Sessions! First session is from 3-6PM and the second session is from 7-10PM. So choose the time when you’ll be most hungry, because there’s a lot of food to enjoy.

There are TWO SESSIONS! The early session is from 3-6 PM and the late session is from 7-10 PM. So pick the time of day when you’ll be the most hungriest!
We’re also offering a special for kids. If you purchase 2 regular adult tickets, you can get a free pass for a child under the age of 12.

Each truck will have at least one Vegetarian offering.


  • Juicy Bun on a Bun: Garlic ginger scallion Pork Meatball slider, pineapple, thai basil, Chirba spicy
  • Geraldine Deuf Roll
    Italian sausage spring roll: zucchini, basil, cabbages, fennel frond and fresh mint tzatziki
  • Bacon Goat Cheese “Beignet”: Ginger/peach chutney, powdered sugar.


  • Duck Duck Dumpling: KoKyu BBQ’s Duck confit with napa cabbage, green onion and Chinese five-spice served with a spicy berry cherry habanreo hoisin sauce and pickled watermelon rind
  • The Breakfast Dumpling: Scrambled eggs, Farmhands breakfast sausage, roasted potatoes and mushrooms serve with a homemade oyster sauce ketchup
  • Smokey Goat Noodle Salad: Cold noodle salad tossed in Pie Pusher’s pesto, smoked tomatoes and goat cheese

Pie Pushers

  • the Farmhand Flatbread: Grilled flatbread topped with pimiento cheese, grilled local italian sausage and a fennel slaw
  • the Open-faced KoKyu Slider: Filled with short rib, parmesan and roasted garlic – topped with Flip’s quick pickles and a rooster mayo
  • the Crouching Tiger Slice: Basil-soy base, Chirba’s glass noodle veggie parmesan and mozzerella, topped with garlic chives

Farmhand Foods

  • Farmhand Foods chorizo taco with KoKyu BBQ pickled cucumbers, radishes & chili sauce.
  • Pie Pushers margherita grilled cheese (pesto, mozz, goat cheese, local heirloom tomatoes) on crispy Guglhupf sourdough.
  • ChirbaChirba “fried rice” = arancini with dumpling filling and szechuan chili aioli.


  • Jasmine honey ice cream (Chirba)
  • Dark chocolate ice cream with bay, fennel, and chili (Farmhand)
  • Ko Kyu sundae: vanilla ice cream with sriracha peaches and sesame brittle
  • Sungold tomato ice cream with basil whipped cream (Pie Pushers)

    There will be music from Corn and the Colonels / Jordan & The Sphinx / Skeedaddle at 9 PM during the evening session.

    Stay up do date with more info on Twitter under hashtag #FTMU
    Early Session:

    Late Session: