The new single, “Muscadine” was penned by Amy Ray and recorded with her band remotely in their respective homes. The song was produced by Brian Speiser, and mixed by Bobby Tis who both helped create Amy’s most recent country release, Holler. Bobby and Brian hail from the ranks of the Tedeschi Trucks Band.

Amy sings this story of love and loss over a landscape of haunting melodic keyboard drones, mixed with acoustic guitar, dobro, pedal steel, and fiddle, laid over a heartbeat of rhythm and bass. Alt-Americana, North Carolinian, H.C. McEntire provides a whole chorus of backing vocals that are her own special flavor of sweet and devastating.

Amy says, “I wrote this song after one of my oldest dogs passed. Regardless of living deaf and blind for his last few years, he was always willing to go on adventures with me in the woods. He might run into a few trees along the way, or fall in a little ditch, but he always got up and carried on. I started the music from a riff on acoustic guitar, with some inspiration from Brent Cobb records, and the idea of simple parts that add up to capture a certain ache I was feeling. In the end, it’s a country tune about learning to love and receive love in the purest way, and to not be picky about life, but to stay the course with curiosity and gratitude.

S.G. Goodman

Kentucky singer-songwriter S.G. Goodman blends the sounds of traditional country and folk with moody electric grit and progressive ideas. She is brutally honest when shedding the layers addressing the social and economic complexities of living in the rural south, but does it with the grace of someone who respects the land and the people whose stories she’s absorbed along the way. - Vasilia Scouras, Mountain Stage