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HOT MULLIGAN / Prince Daddy & the Hyena / Sincere Engineer / Super American

Dec 3 @ 7:00 PM

$18 – $22


Crank It Loud presents HOT MULLIGAN / Prince Daddy & the Hyena / Sincere Engineer / Super American


Hot Mulligan writes songs for people to sing as loud as possible. Their music is the cathartic outcry for growth from a generation of forward-thinking Midwesterners caught in the gears of a rusted system in desperate need of hope. The members — Tades Sanville, Chris Freeman, Ryan Malicsi, Garrett “Sniff” Willig, and Brandon Blakeley — use songwriting to explore the lessons they’ve learned from lives lead in the pursuit of dreams with full awareness of the cost. From relationships to personal development, Hot Mulligan captures the human experience with unflinching honesty and infectious hooks that, above all else, make people feel something.

On their Sophomore LP, You’ll Be Fine, Hot Mulligan shares a collection of stories that capture their growth, or lack thereof, since the release of 2018’s Pilot. It’s an album about losing yourself in the pursuit of your dreams, and how that conundrum can create a ripple effect that touches every relationship in our lives. For every show played, there are moments missed back home. For every song, a commitment is made to staying on the road. 
 But don’t let the emotional intelligence displayed on You’ll Be Fine fool you. Hot Mulligan makes serious music for people that don’t take themselves too seriously. You may feel sad or stressed or lost in life right now, but don’t worry too much because those feelings will pass in time. When all is said and done, after dreams are chased, hearts are broken, and memories are made, you’ll be fine.

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Super American just want to live with the lights on. The Buffalo-based boys of pop [Matt Cox – vocals/guitar/bass & Pat Feeley – vocals/guitar/bass] have long strived to create something that could offer solace in the form of a momentary lapse in reality. The bright and buoyant nature of their songwriting cuts through the darkness of day to day life like a nightlight — offering up feelings of comfort and security in a time that often feels void of it. And it’s this unofficial mission statement of sorts has served as the red string and push pins that have held their catalog together as they continue to evolve at break-neck speeds. 
 The jump from the youth-soaked pop-punk of Disposable to the punchdrunk guitar pop offerings on their debut album, Tequila Sunrise, is one that few bands could pull off successfully, but Super American made it look effortless. As far as they’re concerned, these were just two sides of the same coin. Just as similar sonically as they are different, but it’s all Super American. With the release of their album sampler, Yobwoc, the tag-team have returned from a year of silence with a renewed sense of purpose.





Dec 3
7:00 PM
$18 – $22