The Monti StorySLAM – Brushes with the Law

The Monti Presents

Wed Feb 21, 2024 7:30 pm

Tickets $12

You’re happily zipping along the highway, paying no mind to your speedometer, when you hear that unmistakable siren behind you. Nothing can cause your stomach to drop quite like seeing those flashing lights in your rearview mirror. No matter if you’re a model citizen or if you've danced on the edge of legality, our lives are shaped by our encounters with the law. Whether you've faced the consequences head-on or skillfully slipped through the cracks, we want to hear the stories of your brushes with the law.

Our Brushes with the Law StorySLAM is being held on Wednesday, February 21st at Motorco Music Hall.

About The Monti StorySLAM (18 & up event)

The Monti StorySLAM is an open storytelling event, where anyone with a story on a certain theme has a chance to tell it. This is a competitive event, so there will be judges in the audience. At each event, there will be eight storytellers chosen at random; each story is five minutes long; one winner will be declared at the end of the night. Here's how you can tell your story:

We publicize a theme (this show's theme is Brushes with the Law.)
You think, "Hey, I have a story that goes with that theme!"
You buy a ticket.
You practice your five-minute story at home and in your car.
You show up and fill out a form stating that you would like to tell a story (NOTE: You DO NOT have to tell a story to attend. You can just sit back and enjoy the show.)
During the show, we will pick names from a hat at random, one at a time, and each person called will have five minutes to tell their story.
After eight stories have been told, one winner will be declared!

Winners from each StorySLAM will qualify for The Monti GrandSLAM on April 12, 2024. The GrandSLAM brings the winners back to compete for the ultimate title of The Monti GrandSLAMpion!

Tickets are no longer available online but may be available at the door.

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  • We reserve the right to refuse admission or to eject any person appearing to be intoxicated, under the influence of drugs, showing signs of COVID-19 including a high temperature or a persistent cough, refusing to wear a mask when required to do so, otherwise behaving dangerously or inappropriately, or for any other behavior likely to cause damage, injury, nuisance and annoyance or for failure to comply with the reasonable request of the our staff.
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