Tech Specs

Front of House

Midas M32


2x JBL SRX835P (flown, main L/R)
4x JBL SRX828S (Subs powered by two Crown XTi6002 amps)
2x JBLSRX812P (Front Fills)


(Five discrete groups, controlled from FoH Midas M32)
4x Electro-Voice ZLX-12P active wedges
1x Electro-Voice ZXA1 sub + 2x Carvin TRX12N (Drum monitor)


20x Blizzard Hotbox 5 RGBAW (10 Channel Mode) fixtures
LightKey software mixer on MacBookPro


7 shure SM-58
4 shure SM-57
1 audix d6
3 sennheiser E604
2 sennheiser E835
1 Audio Technica AT2035
1 Cad KM212
2 Cad TM211
1 Cad SN210
6 passive DI
1 active DI
7 Tall Boom Stands
4 Short Boom Stands
1 Kick Mic Stand


The stage is 24 feet wide x 16 feet deep and 30 inches tall with a four foot wing on
each side. Stage right is a four foot wide ramp.

updated 11/16/18
*subject to change. Email for Specifics.