Born in Salvador, Bahia, Caique Vidal is a singer, multi- instrumentalist, songwriter and music educator steeped
in the Afro-Brazilian tradition. He started his artistic path early when he began to participate in social projects in his hometown, including the Olodum Mirin project. Looking closely, you can spot Caique in Michael Jackson’s music video “They don’t care about us” (1993) as part of the Olodum ensemble! Opting to pursue his formal musical education, Caique joined the school of arts Liceu de Artes e Oficios da Bahia. He studied with Sergio Souto (conductor, music educator and arranger) and started to deepen his knowledge of the choral arts. At the school, Caique participated in many national and international tours and had the privilege of sharing the stage with internationally acclaimed artists Suzana Baca, Carlinhos Brown, and Gilberto Gil, among many others.

Professionally, Caique began working with the Balé Folclórico da Bahia in 2002. For nine years, Caique toured internationally with the group, showcasing Afro-Brazilian culture and traditions in countries like the United States, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Colombia, Venezuela and others.

In 2008, the music producer, arranger, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Mikael Mutti, invited Caique to join his new project called Percussivo Mundo Novo, mixing new music technologies with the traditional Bahian percussion. In 2012 the band did its first international tour to the United States, where they participate at the Lincoln Center Out of Doors festival.

In July of the same year, Vidal moved to the United States definitively. Based in Durham, North Carolina, Vidal has spearheaded a cultural movement to teach Afro-Brazilian music and culture to professional musicians, publics school students, and universities.

Caique Vidal and Batuque is a unique band that brings infectious energy and riveting dance grooves to the stage. “Batuque” (pronounced ba-TOO-kee) means to drum. The band delivers an explosive performance integrating the sounds of Afro-Brazilian percussion with keyboards, bass, guitar and horns to produce an innovative version of samba, reggae, salsa, bachata, pop, rock and Bossa Nova. Vidal and Batuque have performed at the Art of Cool-NC, Afro-Bahia Festival-NC, Hardee’s Festival-VA, International Festival Raleigh, Fiesta del Pueblo and others.

Caique Vidal and Batuque’s live performance is pure passion and energy!