DC based band, Ecstatic International, embraces radical optimism to transcend time and space under a unified groove. Fueled by clandestine chemistry and analog alchemy, we hold a mirror up to the world, reflecting what stands before us. Laugh at the absurdity of modern life. The oppression of our past is the oppression of our present. Disrupt the city streets. Rise when people fall. Give space to the unheard. Live with intent and passion. Love is a choice. Sexuality is a spectrum. Manifest your potential. Abandon mediocrity. Grow. Never forget that style is everything. Fashion is your armor from the banality and reality of everyday. Music is the fabric of our lives. Art fuels the soul. The mosh pits at rec-centers, warehouse raves, small clubs, dive bars, these spaces will once again be sacred with the love we put into them. Ecstatic International believes in you. Ecstatic International believes in the power of us. The world is yours.