Hail the Sun isn’t anything. They just are.

They continue to push what is known as post-hardcore into realms that both your metal friend will love, and you can show your grandma. The band has been actively writing and touring together for over a decade. This comes out clearly when listening to their music, and this is no exception with their newest album New Age Filth. I could go on to list what inspires them, their hardships, their influences, etc. But, why? There is absolutely nothing that could be said to fully reign in what the band is. So you just have to listen. No, you need to listen. Chances are that once you do, you will relate to the thousands of followers who not only appreciate the music in the most loyal way, but they appreciate the entity that is Hail the Sun. The lifestyle that is Hail the Sun.

The moments that are Hail the Sun.