Hojean is a self-taught musician, artist, producer and songwriter from New York and raised/currently based in the outskirts of Atlanta. Over the past few years, Hojean’s steady release of singles and debut EP, Swing, showcases his unique blend of indie pop and alternative r&b. The last year has led to significant growth, having amassed over 100 million total streams across platforms. Hojean’s independent spirit extends beyond his music, as exemplified by his dedication to building a true community amongst his passionate fanbase. Hojean‚Äôs debut EP, Swing, released at the end of 2022 – came directly off his debut festival performance on the Main Stage at Head in the Clouds in Los Angeles and headline tour which was entirely sold out. As a first-gen Asian/American, Hojean’s music and artistry serves as a platform to inspire other creatives and to prove that Asian artists in America can be domestic stars with a global reach. In 2023, Hojean embarked on his debut international tour run in Asia, and is releasing his second EP, Cherie, with a headline national run to follow.