Kid Sistr is Sabel (guitarist), Sara Keden (bassist) and Rebecca Webster (drummer), an all-women, New-York-born indie trio. The band’s bright sound and colloquial writing reflect their varied influences; a Kid Sistr listener will hear the bursting bubble gum of the Top 40 charts, the palatable peculiarity of 1980s new wave, the unabashed amplitude of 2000’s alternative rock, and the meticulous construction of the singer-songwriter style. The resultant songs are rosy shards of guitar-pop ear candy, ready to be unwrapped and dissolved.

Kid Sistr’s debut EP is a self-titled, six-track project. The first single, ‘Little Sister Song’, is a spirited, rock-and-roll dedication to snarky younger siblings and rom-com teenager-dom. Although lighthearted in sound and verse, ‘Little Sister Song’ carries substantial sentiment for the band members. Sabel, Keden and Webster are all eldest children in sister-only families. This uniting fact not only provides the inspiration for the group’s name, but also heavily informs Kid Sistr’s creative identity. The shared experience of sisterhood motivates Kid Sistr to represent the interests and realities of young women. Each track on the EP is a piece of a pooled consciousness between sisters. Together, the six songs on Kid Sistr make an equally humorous and emotive portrait of womanhood. Kid Sistr demonstrates the trio’s willingness to become shiny, strange, silly, or soft in order to tell profound stories of ambition, heartbreak, femininity, sexuality and friendship. The EP is out now on all streaming platforms