Portair encodes ponderous thoughts inside of cinematic soundscapes
stitched together from analog synthesizers and live instrumentation.
Generating millions of streams and earning widespread acclaim from
Rolling Stone, American Songwriter, Atwood Magazine, Paste, and
Variance, the Australia-born and Los Angeles-based singer,
songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist provokes big
questions by way of intimate songcraft on his 2023 EP, Learning How
To Die. “On the EP, there are philosophical themes of existentialism,”
he observes. “Many of the songs are about the acceptance of death,
what life is, and why we’re here.” The record was recorded in Joshua
Tree and features collaborations with VÉRITÉ, Wynn, and Emily
James. Portair began to incite conversation with a series of
independent releases in 2018.

Emerging as a sought-after songwriter and producer, he composed
original score and contributed music to programming across
NETFLIX, NBC, MTV, CBS, and beyond. His 2020 solo single “Lying
To Myself” amassed millions of streams and paved the way for The
Light That Gives EP [2021] and The Ice That Breaks EP [2022].
Meanwhile, “Gloaming Hour” unassumingly achieved viral impact on
TikTok with millions of plays. In the end, Portair connects through
examining what it means to be human.