Gaspare Magaddino (December 29, 1998), better know by his stage name Savage Ga$p, is an American artist. Gasp’s style varies across many different levels of mood and energy. From emo rap to hyperpop, Gaspare gives every song a unique feel of listening.

One of Gaspare’s well known pieces of work is his feature on CORPSE’s “E-GIRLS ARE RUINING MY LIFE!”. The song gained high traction on TikTok, gaining over 140 million streams on Spotify alone.

While Ga$p played along with his recording studio at home, he realized that his content was too good not to be released. Realizing his potential in that moment and turning to professional recording was crucial in establishing his current standards.

I base everything purely off emotions and feelings and try my best to turn them into a song. I don’t want to be anyone or anything else, not a rapper or superstar or anything crazy, I just want to be “Gaspare”.