Say She She, the soulful female-led trio, stand rock solid on their discodelic duty
with their boundary breaking sophomore album Silver.

The three strong voices of Piya Malik (El Michels Affair staple feature, and
former backing singer for Chicano Batman), Sabrina Mileo Cunningham and
Nya Gazelle Brown front the band. Following the NYC siren song, the trio was
pulled from their respective cities — Piya from London, Nya from DC, and
Sabrina from NYC — to Manhattan’s downtown dance floors, through the Lower
East Side floorboards, and up to the rooftops of Harlem, where their friendship
was formed on one momentous, kismet eve.

Silver was entirely written and recorded live to tape at Killion Sound studio in
North Hollywood earlier this year and produced by Sergio Rios (of Orgone).
While these analog recording techniques help root Say She She’s sound in a
bedrock of tonal warmth that only tape can achieve, it is also their process of
cutting the track in the moment and capturing the magic of communal
creativity that has seen their sound described as “a glorious overload of joyful
elation and spiritual elevation” (MOJO) and “infused with the wonky post-disco
spirit of early ’80s NYC” (The Guardian). Musical inspirations include Rotary
Connection, Asha Puthli, Liquid Liquid, Grace Jones and Tom Tom Club.
Ultimately, Silver oozes with quirk and adventure and embraces the
multifaceted nature of what it means to be a modern femme. Say She She fully
embrace their role as beauticians, actively reminding people of the inherent
beauty in the world. They skillfully employ double entendres and humor to
encourage open dialogue and fearlessly address important matters that
demand attention.