The tale of wayfaring songwriter Shay Martin Lovette is shaped by an enduring creative pursuit, an inseparable connection with the natural world, and a deep appreciation of the nonpareil musical voices of the past. Two years after his noteworthy debut, Swift Drifter, Lovette brings forth his sophomore record Scatter & Gather, a collection of songs that signal an undeniable shift in the gravity of his writing and arranging. Written mostly from a remote, creekside cabin, the songs
reflect Lovette’s role as a versatile harmonica-wielding, wordsmith, drifting between the formulas of folk, indie, and homestyle roots music.

Recorded at the famed Rubber Room Recording Studio in Chapel Hill, North Carolina with producer Joseph Terrell of Mipso at the helm, Scatter & Gather draws in a force of celebrated North Carolina talent including members of Mipso and Watchhouse. With a polished and expanded grandeur, Scatter & Gather’s panoramic luster and attention-grabbing lyricism mark this collection as Lovette’s trophy output; confidently candid, indisputably original, and visually connected by the masterful quilted album artwork of Darryl Norsen.

Lovette’s songcraft has earned him performances at major music festivals like Merlefest and Bristol Rhythm & Roots, and elicited high praise from American Songwriter, The Bluegrass Situation, No Depression, Under The Radar Magazine, and
New Commute.