Sign Crushes Motorist is a slowcore-influenced project of Northern Irish small-town artist Liam McCay, who is 18 years-old and just finished secondary school.

The music is inspired by slacker and lo-fi alt-rock music with a particular nod to Duster, the San Jose, California band who released three main albums in the slowcore genre in the 90s before taking a near 20 year hiatus that they ended in 2019 to release once more. The project name, Sign Crushes Motorist, is the title of a Duster song. McCay has also cited the late Apistat Commander as an influence.

Sign Crushes Motorist is just one of McCay’s pseudonyms which also includes Take Care, Birth Day, Make His Ribs Show, Manta, Hold, Miserable Teens Club, Roaming, Death Trap, Moon Water ,etc.