Tisakorean has always been a little different — from the words he says to the clothes he wears and, now, in the music he makes. The beats he creates are sparse and dissonant, creating a sound that’s sort of detached from an era, yet they’d sound just as at home on a mid-2000s Soulja Boy tape as they do in Triller and TikTok videos.

A certified viral sensation, Tisakorean has been a part of a wave of new artists with Texas roots making a splash nationwide. Synonymous with jigging and the #woahchallenge, the Houston native began to gain traction through his dance moves and successful singles (see 2018’s “Dip,” which has more than 4 million plays on SoundCloud, and 2017’s “Werkkk”).

He has released a few mixtapes and has been featured on songs by Chance the Rapper and Don Toliver. TisaKorean is known for his energetic live performances and his unique fashion sense. Critics have praised him for his ability to mix different genres of music, including hip-hop, R&B, and pop.

And this multi-talented artist – who leaves his imprint on every element of his work, from personally designing the graphics to editing the companion visuals –is doing just that. With a new project and visuals on the way, it’s clear, Tisakorean is showing no signs of slowing down.