Tre. Charles is an Alternative/Indie Soul artist who dives into the depths of his soul and invites you into his world with an expressive blend of warm and soulful undertones, profound and powerful lyrics, and emotive crooning; all of which helps you navigate your way through the encompassing experience. Growing up along the East Coast from city to city, Tre. Charles has been exposed to a myriad of different customs and cultures. It is from these experiences that he has cultivated a sound of his own, which pays homage to his nomadic upbringing and lifestyle. With Charles not having been formally trained in music, it adds to his unassuming yet commanding allure. His sound has drawn comparisons of modern talents like Sampha, Hozier, and James Blake but also glints of classic pioneers like Muddy Waters and Lauryn Hill. With hints of avant-garde R&B, modern indie flares, and ambient soul, Charles’ honest & thought provoking music has the ability to make every performance feel like a transformative experience.

Pitchfork contributor Brian Howe has described Tre. Charles’s sound as “stretched and shifted vocal harmonies, and long-tailed reverbs and delays that hum like cathedrals.” Howe also goes on to say “This labyrinth of sound, blurred at the edges yet sharply etched in the middle, is where we find his just-woke-up voice and glinting guitar, his fingers tweezing jazzy splinters from thick barre chords. The overall effect is calming, but in a transfixing, time-halting way, like dancing candlelight.”