TRES MINUTOS is an alternative Rock band from Virginia USA, formed in 2012 by the Torrico brothers (Richi, Luis and Paolo), also joining the band Nestor Fiorilo on the guitar and Guillermo Turcios on the drums (2015).

With the independent launch of their first EP “Volver a Comenzar” TRES MINUTOS was exposed to the local scene in various events around the Washington DC area. After a very positive response from the public the band soon took their music on the road and began touring major cities on the US East coast, sharing the stage with renowned artists like Latin Grammy winner Los Pericos, Los Rabanes, Dr. Krapula and many more.

In late 2014 TRES MINUTOS goes on its first international tour to South America, bringing its music to a broader audience and opening doors to new opportunities.
In November 2016 the band launches its latest album “Multiverso”. Influenced by bands like Muse(UK), Panda(MX), Royal Blood(UK), Soda Stereo(AR), Arctic Monkeys(UK), the album captures the raw feeling of hard rock mixed with Synths and Electronic undertones.

In early 2018 “Ley de Atracción” and “Tu Reflejo” from the album Multiverso reached the number one spot in various Rock charts in Bolivia, kickstarting a national tour soon after.
With high energetic beats and transcending melodies TRES MINUTOS conveys its own touch and style, providing their audience an enjoyable musical experience in and out the stage.

Currently TRES MINUTOS is working on their third album, that will soon get to all digital platforms and streaming services.