There’s just something in the water in Texas when it comes to thrash/death metal/hardcore crossover, and Tribal Gaze are no exception. Hailing from the same scene that birthed bands like Creeping Death, Frozen Soul, and Power Trip, Tribal Gaze formed in 2020, debuted the following year with the Godless Voyage EP, and are now set to drop their debut album, The Nine Choirs, on September 16 via Maggot Stomp, with vinyl to follow in early 2023. The first taste is “And How They Wept For Eternity,” a ruthless dose of old school-style death metal with just a bit of a hardcore punk aesthetic, presumably thanks in part to mixing from Taylor Young (Regional Justice Center, Drain, God’s Hate, etc). Here’s what guitarist Quintin Stauts says about it:

In terms of writing, we wanted a song that was impossible not to headbang to and had tempo variety. Along with the rest of the album, the song touches on the possibility of extraterrestrial anxieties – be it angels, demons, aliens, or otherwise – being on the same side and not being a friend of humanity. It’s ultimately humans failing an unimpressed higher power.