Die Spitz is a mayhem-inciting force founded in January 2022. The quartet (Ava Schrobilgen, Chloe Andrews, Ellie Livingston, and Kate Halter) is known for their unruly stage presence, bombarding their crowds with a wall of sound. Die Spitz continues to penetrate the music scene with unparalleled momentum, sharing stages with heavy hitters Amyl and the Sniffers, Surfbort, and A Giant Dog. These childhood friends turned musicians have recently partnered with Try Hard Coffee, Austin Signal, and Spaceflight Records to premiere a double EP on vinyl, The Revenge of Evangeline and Teeth, capturing this live energy. As Lee Ackerley of Austin Monthly put it: “youthful moxie has never sounded so good”. Die Spitz won a whopping three awards at the 41st Austin Music Awards, including “Best Punk”, “Best Music Residency”, and “Best New Act”.