Friendship Commanders are a heavy duo from Nashville TN comprised of vocalist/guitarist Buick Audra, and drummer/bassist Jerry Roe. They released two projects in 2020: an EP, HOLD ON TO YOURSELF (April 3, 2020); and a two-song single, STONECHILD / YOUR REIGN IS OVER (October 12, 2020). For both releases, the band worked with Kurt Ballou as a mix engineer and Brad Boatright as a mastering engineer. HOTY focuses on themes of abuse survival and self-preservation in a patriarchal society, while STONECHILD / YRIO looks outward to the death of a Chippewa Cree man named Stonechild Chiefstick, and to a white male legislative majority who spent the year of a global pandemic working to lessen the human rights of those they purport to serve.

These releases follow their 2018 full-length album, BILL, which they made with Steve Albini at Electrical Audio in Chicago, IL.