American producer Ky Vöss originally kicked off her career back at the ripe old age of 8 where her passion for the violin saw her have dreams of becoming an orchestral composer. As the years went on and she began to grow up Vöss seamlessly transitioned into the pop world, however she decided she didn’t want to go as whom she was previously known to the world as and decided to create her own persona and become a character when performing. This proved to be one of the best choices she’d ever made as she soon saw herself getting more confident, bold and becoming the very character she created within her head. A real life Hannah Montana story right there.

Her latest release Funeral Dream continues her dream pop for the damned sound with darkly toned lyrics regarding a reoccurring dream she’s had since she was a child about exactly what the titled suggests. The ethereal textures of the production contrast the more ominous nature of the lyrics in this beautiful juxtaposition that gives us glimpses of M83 meets Billie Eilish, especially with the halcyon quality her vocals often evoke. A buoyantly dreamy affair that has us excited for her sophomore LP Coping Mechanisms.