It’s rare that you hear ‘the next big thing out of Tampa,’ but They Hate Change are just that. The hip hop meets booty bass producer-rappers Andre and Vonne are South Florida born and bred, carving a niche in their hometown scene with a sound that spans Chicago footwork to UK breaks. The duo have built a cult following around their eccentric releases over the years on Deathbomb Arc, now making their debut on LA-based label Godmode with an equally out-of-the-box collection of cuts titled 666 Central Ave.

Sitting alongside scene-shapers like JPEGMAFIA and Channel Tres, They Hate Change fit right in with Godmode’s cutting-edge roster of breakout acts. Knowing when to nab a project early and take it to the next level has been a proven recipe for success at the label, this EP being no exception to the methodology.

They Hate Change never tried to fit into the underground rap scene that eventually came to accept them. While they looked up to the pioneers of their local DIY movement, they were bigger than the sum of their influences – and that took some time for their peers to appreciate. They went from mastering the art of ambient rap to pushing the boundaries of experimental electronic, with lyrics that refer to themselves as “the Black Daft Punk.”