Lane Moore is an award-winning writer, actor, comedian, and musician. She was hailed by the The New York Times as “ingenious. The way she manipulates tone and pace reveals an artist supremely confident in her form.” She is the host of I Thought It Was Just Me podcast on Patreon.

Her first book, How To Be Alone: If You Want To And Even If You Don’t, became an instant #1 bestseller and was praised as one of the best books of the year by The New York Times, New York Magazine, NPR, Good Morning America, Oprah Magazine, The Washington Post, Fast Company, Marie Claire, and many others. Moore also gave a TEDx Talk based on the book, called How To Be Alone. Her second book, You Will Find Your People: How To Make Meaningful Friendships As An Adult won the 2023 American Book Fest Award. The book became an instant #1 bestseller and received critical acclaim from The Los Angeles Times, New York Magazine, Good Morning America, NPR, The Atlantic, Vulture, PBS, Publisher’s Weekly, CBS, BUST, The New York Post, and many more. In 2024, Moore released an audiobook with Everand, You’re Not The Only One F*cking Up: Breaking The Endless Cycle of Dating Mistakes.

Her writing has appeared in The New Yorker, The Onion, The Guardian, The Washington Post, Elle, Teen Vogue, and GQ. As the Sex and Relationships Editor for Cosmopolitan, and the magazine’s first openly out editor, she won a GLAAD award for her groundbreaking work championing diverse, inclusive coverage, and was also honored on the Out 100 list.

Her comedy show “Tinder Live! with Lane Moore” is regarded as one of the best comedy shows in the world and has been praised by The New York Times, Spin Magazine, Entertainment Tonight, CBS, Time Out New York, and New York Magazine. As a musician, Moore is the frontperson and songwriter in the band “It Was Romance” which has been praised by Pitchfork, Vogue, Paste, and Billboard. It Was Romance’s catchy, hook-driven songs have been featured in feature films, TV shows, and video games.