Hey! My name is Leanna Firestone! It’s kind of unbelievable that I’m writing a bio for myself right now; I don’t really feel important enough to need one. But- in case I am to you, Here’s some information about me: I’m freshly 20, I’m a recent college dropout, and I write and sing songs. In 2020, the worst year of everyone’s collective consciousness, I started making TikToks. At first, I was just talking about anime… but eventually I started singing, which is my passion, end game, and dream job. (I know, the lamest origin story ever.) But from these TikToks, I started to release music and things inevitably snowballed and people started to really care about me and my music. Because of this support, I was able to live my dream. My greatest musical achievements to date are: my song Strawberry Mentos reaching 5M streams, Least Favorite Only Child reaching 4M streams, my EP, “Y/N” peaking at #8 on the US singer-songwriter iTunes Charts, having a song of mine play while two people made out during an episode of Love Island UK, and getting 2nd place in my 8th grade talent show with my song “Stars”. Most notably though, I put out my debut EP “Y/N” (pronounced Your Name) and launched my first round of merchandise. And next on the horizon is a debut album, coming in 2022.