The endless amounts of energy and support from so many of you is what has given TERROR a much needed life force over the past two decades. We’ve come in contact with so many different people all over planet earth that NEED this community and movement in their lives in the exact same ways that we do. Now, during this time of total uncertainty, we have to do what we can to keep TERROR pushing forward in a positive light, as well as hold strong to everything that we’ve built. We have the need to stay engaged with everyone out there with the hopes of building bonds over current thoughts, unearthed material and maybe even some fun and a few laughs at our expense. We built this website as a means to share all things TERROR: the old… the new… the ugly and the tried & true. We have tons of ideas for different content to post, some of it will require us asking for your submissions and help. Many people have been reaching out to us with questions about how they can help the band in this long and overwhelming downtime that we definitely aren’t used to, and the answer is right here on this site. This is all 100% done by the band, completely DIY style, so anything you do to contribute is collected directly by us. So feel free to keep checking back for new posts, updates, content, WHATEVER… and some guaranteed insanity, for sure; but overall, be smart and be safe. Thank you all.

“Always keep the faith!”

Scott & the TERROR Crew