Vince Herman is an American singer, songwriter and guitarist who is famous as being one of the founders of ‘Leftover Salmon’. His family was musical and he learned to play the guitar in the third grade. Herman was influenced by bluegrass music and liked to listen to Grateful Dead and other bands.
‘Leftover Salmon’ was established in 1989. Over the years that followed they grew steadily in popularity. The band combined musical styles and had a very original sound. They were one of the earlier jam bands and had a large influence on a lot of other bands, inspiring fellow musicians and artists.

The band members went their own ways in 2005 but still reunited together to play as ‘Leftover Salmon’. Herman established a new band called ‘Great American Taxi’, they released their first album in 2007 and began to build up a fan base.
Herman has spent years touring extensively with both bands and still tours with ‘Leftover Salmon’. On New Year’s Eve 2019 ‘Leftover Salmon’ celebrated its 30th anniversary. The book ‘30 Years of Festival’ by Tim Newby tells the history of the band. Herman lives in Boulder, Colorado.