Ryan Kaiser, known professionally as Yot Club, is an American bedroom pop artist originating from Hattiesburg, Mississippi, and presently based in Nashville, Tennessee.
Kaiser embarked on a musical journey prior to Yot Club under the moniker Amateur Observer, sharing his creations on platforms like SoundCloud and Bandcamp. Despite its existence for about a year, Kaiser eventually deleted the project due to feelings of insecurity.
Transitioning to Yot Club, Kaiser’s musical identity took shape upon entering the music scene in 2019. His sound is characterized by distorted vocals, lo-fi beats, guitar tracks enriched with chorus pedal effects, warm guitar leads, analog synth melodies, and light pads.
Embracing a minimalist approach to recording, Kaiser intentionally operates within self-imposed limitations, such as employing a single microphone. This streamlined technique fuels his creativity and encourages innovative experimentation. His compositions typically begin with guitar foundations, which he gradually augments with additional instruments. Kaiser’s meticulous processing of vocals, incorporating clip distortion and reverb, results in a signature tone.
Most music is created in his bedroom, and on occasion, he transforms his car into a miniature recording studio. Despite the modest setting, Kaiser’s inventive prowess shines through in his compositions. This creative endeavor has garnered significant recognition, with his music amassing over two million streams on Spotify.
His artistic approach is rooted in a sense of preservation, viewing his music as a digital diary that deserves a place in the world. The desire to safeguard his creations from potential loss or obscurity drove Kaiser to release his music to the public.
Kaiser’s discography under the Yot Club alias has exhibited remarkable productivity. Since his 2019 debut, he has released three EPs and a total of twenty-six tracks within a single year.
A pivotal moment in Kaiser’s career came with his signing to Nice Guys, a record label headquartered in Paris. This partnership facilitated the release of his work to a wider audience, including the notable EP “Nature Machine,” which debuted on July 14, 2020. The EP, along with eight additional tracks, is showcasing his versatility through covers of songs by The Smiths and Mountain Goats.