Before The Harbor Boys Cody Woolsoncroft was playing acoustically on open mic nights across Maryland spanning from 2012-to 2014 as a hobby. This eventually led to him working with a local label that helped him make connections with fellow musicians Joey Harkum of Pasadena, Brandon Hardesty of Bumpin Uglies, Ray Wroten of Bond and Bentley, and more. This opened new doors for Cody as he began playing bars all over the state of Maryland professionally, which eventually allowed him to play at Rams Head Live in Baltimore. Once he saw that stage and felt the energy of the venue is when Cody first put together the goal of starting a band that would become The Harbor Boys.

The band is currently recording their first album that they are hopeful to have released by this summer of 2022. But working on the album has not stopped the band from booking shows from Winter until the fall of 2022. HB is very excited to see what 2022 brings as they continually strive for greatness in all aspects of what makes The Harbor Boys… Reggae, Punk, Rock.